Bully Sticks – Healthy Snack For Dogs

Bully sticks are a tasty snack for your puppy. The have a great value to them as they help keep your canines teeth clean and healthy

If you have never gave your dog a Bully Stick you really should give it a try. See how much your dog loves it. Somewhat similiar to a bone they are much more healthier than a natural bone

Natural bones from beef or pork can actually harm your dog. As your puppy is chewing on them they can splinter in their mouth.

You will not have this problem with a bully stick. Bully sticks soften as your puppy chews on it. Because they soften while they chew this could be a great snack that your older canine can enjoy as well.

Since dogs usually start getting cavaties after about the age of 3 the Bully Stick can be a healthy way to try to help get your canines teeth clean.

Why Bully Sticks For a Healthy Snack?

They are a all natural treat that you canines can enjoy. They are loaded with great benefits such as fighting plaque and tartar.

The best bully sticks are made from buffalo. Knowing your puppy is getting the best snack out there gives you piece of mind.

These long lasting canine treats will keep your pup busy for hours.

Healty Snacks For Dogs - Bully Sticks Are Made Of Buffalo So That Dogs With Poultry and Beef Alergies Can Have A Amazing Snack That They Will Love and Enjoy

As they chew on the bully stick they are also helping with their jaw muscles and bones. Making the jaw muscles work and making them stronger.

As they chew on the bully stick they are also helping with their jaw muscles and bones. Making the jaw muscles work and making them stronger.

Be sure to get your puppy the best, healthiest snack available on the market today.

Dogs With Beef and Poultry Allergies

This could be the best snack for your four-legged friend. It is completely safe for dogs that have beef and poultry allergies.

This amazing snack can also be coated in honey to give it that extra great taste that your canine will love.

High in protein and very tasty and satisfying for your puppy.


Netflix Raising Price Rates

Netflix raising price rates over the next three months far all the US. users. I think even tho Netflix is raising their price rates, they are still one of the leading Movie subscription places out there. The rise could indeed hurt their business. First of all most of their movies are old and are being viewed in other places.

Some of the other places would be like Amazon. With Amazon if you get the Prime package. You can choose threw thousands of free movies with Prime. The Great thing about Amazon Prime is all of the Amazing benefits you get. Amazon is definitely the best in my eyes for the price.

Free Movies

What would you say to free movies? Even tho Netflix, Amazon and also Hulu have a great arsenal of movies and shows. How would you like movies and shows for free. I mean if Netflix is raising price rates, will the rest follow in their footsteps. I think Amazon and also Hulu will be following Netflix by increasing their rates as well.

Netflix Raising Price Rates - Green Bucks - Why Pay More For Old Movies, When You Can Get Them Cheeper Or Even Free. Get More For Less.

You know you can stream most of the shows and movies they have, Right? Well if you didn’t know you can get more movies and shows than Netflix and Hulu put together. Its All Free if you have the right equipment. Get an Amazon Fire Stick.

With a Amazon Fire Stick you can stream all the movies you want for free. If you decide that you don’t like that Netflix is raising price rates, get the fire stick. Then after you purchase your Fire Stick, come back here and down below I will show you what to download. This will get you the free movies just from steaming them.

Not all movies and shows are available in one certain App. There are several Apps available to get most of all movies and shows. I will show you the best ones I found. I will also walk you through setting up your fire stick.

Netflix Raising Price Rates

Why would you want to pay more for their services. I wouldn’t because you can get what they have and more for free.

Is this Legal? My honest opinion is yes because your streaming it. There are cases where they say its not Legal. I don’t know, so you are taking a chance if you follow this blog any further. I will tell you where to download and also how to download the app. With Netflix raising price rates, Take the free movies and enjoy the savings of the money.

First of all order your fire stick.

Netflix Raising Price Rates - Green Bucks - Why Pay More For Old Movies, When You Can Get Them Cheeper Or Even Free. Get More For Less.

After you have received your fire stick, then you will want to come back here.

Down below you will follow the link and I will show you the app to get your free movies and shows. Don’t forget to sign up for my email list. This way you can get all the new products and information needed to make your life easier.

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Unique Wines Delivered to Your Door

The Wine Club

Unique Wines

Do you enjoy drinking fine wines? Do you drink unique wines at a restaurant or bar? Well you know how much mark-up are on these fine wines, it varies but is usually in the area of 30 – 50 % mark up. This can get quit costly when trying to enjoy your meal and wine with that special someone. Why not sit at home and have a romantic evening with a unique wine delivered to your door. Make that romantic evening with impressing her with a fine wine that you both are sure to enjoy from our wine club.

These fine wines are from all over the world. Our professional wine club specialist travel all over to make sure we are getting the best wines. These fine wnes are specially picked and delivered strait to your door with no hassle. You can enjoy the genuine taste of these wines while also saving a little money without paying those high mark-ups. The vineyards that we have are worldwide and also with great reputation.

Unique Wines

No matter the occasion wine drinking is sothing and relaxing. If your just sitting back in the tub or having friends over you can drink these fine wines without leaving your home and paying for over priced unique wines. Also those wines that you find at your local stores are no comparison to these fine wines that our wine club offers . When ordering, You will recieve a certificate telling you the history of the winery, education on the wine itself and also a flavor profile.

Unique Wines Every Month

This wine club is growing fast due to high demand and our outstanding quality in fine wines. With our wine club membership you can choose between reds or whites or even both. So no matter your taste for fine wines we have you covered. Direct Cellars wine club handles the call from wine novices to wine enthusiasts with unbelievable Customer Service and something that is priceless – a reach and selection of fine wines – and offering a new selection each and every month. Start building you wine cellar with our wine club, you won’t be sorry.

Unique Wines



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Food Delivery Driver

Food Delivery Drivers needed across the US and some cities in Canada.

Delivery drivers needed

There is a great opportunity waiting for you. Across the Us we need delivery drivers to deliver food from restaurants to the customers door. The great thing about this job is that you get to make your own hours.

Delivery drivers needed

If your a stay at home parent and need a part or full time job this might be the job for you. How It works is a customer places an order through our App. Then we send a driver to pick up the order and deliver it. You must have a mobile phone to become apart of the team because this is how we communicate.

You also get to keep all your tips. Customers have the option to tip in cash or to place it on the order with is put on a card that is provided for you. Another great thing about this job is that you do not handle money. So you don’t have to worry about having correct change and so on.

Food Delivery Drivers Needed

My Step-Daughter is involved in this and she loves it. She attends school witch makes this job perfect for her because of the freedom to pick her hours. If she has some time between classes she will make a few deliveries therefore making some extra cash while she waits on her next class to start.

So why not become a delivery driver for this new and upcoming delivery service. Make some extra cash, freedom of picking your hours, what else could you ask for from a company.

You will need to make sure you qualify. Some things you will need is first of all a reliable vehicle, A valid drivers license, Up to date insurance, pass a criminal background check. These are just a few things you will need when signing up to be a delivery driver.