Black German Shepherd Handbook

Learn everything you need to know before you get your black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd’s are very intelligent, also beautiful dogs. The black Shepherd is not a different breed, although it is rare its just one of those things that happen. Approximately 7% of all German Shepherd’s are black.

So if you thought the black German Shepherd was a different breed of the German Shepherd that would be a myth.

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and abilities to track by smell. Law enforcement agencies also the military use these magnificent dogs as a tool. Because of their sense of smell and tracking abilities.

The German Shepherd is indeed one of the easiest dogs to train.

Before you decide to get your Black German Shepherd puppy you should learn how to pick the perfect puppy. This Guide will help you determine with BGS is the best pick of the litter.

You will also want to learn how to understand, care, and train your puppy.

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Learn the History of Black German Shepherds

Calvary Picture with a German Shepard.

This easy to use German Shepherd handbook you will learn the amazing history of the all German Shepherds.

It will take in dept on the difference between the American Shepherd and the German blood line.

This easy to use German Shepherd handbook you will learn the amazing history of the Black German Shepherd and also all German Shepherds.

It will take In dept on the difference between the American Shepherd and the German blood line.

Learn how the different coats evolved.

The Black German Shepherd and the White German Shepard are very beautiful dogs.

Learn the difference between the two and see if there is a difference other than the coat.

Choose The Right Black German Shepherd

When choosing the right German Shepard there are some things you should know and also learn before choosing. Learn how to select the right breeder. This could make or break your experience with the German Shepherd.

Black German Shepherd

There are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing that puppy. One is do you want a female or male.

Learn if one is better than the other. There are differences between the two, so this is something you should research.

You will get it all here in this German Shepard handbook.

Are Black German Shepherds good with kids?

In most cases yes but there can be some critical steps you need to follow to make sure this happens.

You certainly want to make sure that your pup grows up to be loving to those youngsters

We All know that children can be aggressive towards the dog.

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What Do I Feed My Shepherd?

This is surely one of the most important things you will need to know.

A Black German Shepherd needs the right food to prevail on a healthy life.

Find out what the best dog food is to feed your Shepard. Because you want your puppy to grow up to be as healthy as possible.

Find out if those dog treats are good or bad for your pup. Also learning what dog bones are good and bad for your Black German Shepard.

This could be vital to your dogs health and well-being.

There are treats out there that can be fatal to your furry friend. Find out here the does and don’ts.

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Make Your Home Safe?

Learn the first steps to making your home safe for your new addition.

You will want to “Puppy Proof” your home, including the yard where he or she will be spending their time in. Taking away all the dangers that can harm your Black German Shepard.

There are many things to learn that can harm your pup. A few of these things are, Do you know what plants are harmful to your dog?

Find out 9 plants that could potentially harm your four-legged friend.

Separation anxiety can be quite the challenge. This will cause your dog to do things that are harmful to his or her health.

Anxiety itself is harmful, Right?

So learn how to control the pups separation anxiety with just a few steps here in this Black German Shepherd Handbook.

Dog Training Like The Pros, Easy & Effective Puppy Training Tips. Training Your Dog

Train Your Black German Shepard

Learn everything that the professionals know. This easy to follow guide will show you:

Black German Shepherd
  • Top training methods
  • How to house break your pup
  • Listen and obey commands
  • Transform that stubborn dog
  • control non-stop barking at other dogs and also people
  • And much, much more

A well behaved dog can make you and your puppy a much happier couple.

If you are serious on getting that perfect, well behaved, Also loving Black German Shepherd you will want to have this guide.

Even if you already have your puppy this guide could help you tremendously.

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Black German Shepherd Handbook -Vitamins For Dogs - Is your dog getting all the vitamins it needs for his or her well-being?

Does your puppy Need Vitamins?

If your feeding your dog kibble, he or she may not be getting the vitamins that a dog needs.

Dogs are like humans, needing certain vitamins to live a much healthier life.

Prevent Joint Pain, Digestive Problems, Heart Problems, Stress, Anxiety and much more.

Learn More About A Good Dog Supplement.

Helpful Hint For Any Breed Of Dogs

All breeds of dogs can be amazing additions to your family. Always remember to love and treat your dog well.

When you bring your dog home you will want to start bonding with them right away.

This could play a big part when it comes to training them.

Learn To Bond With Your Dog

Health Hints:

Make sure you see a vet right away when you get your dog for the first time.

Keep up to date on all its shots.

If your not breeding the dog make sure to get them fixed. This is another important factor in a dogs health and training.

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