Bond With Your Dog – Basics of Dog Training

It’s essential for Dog parents like you to know certain basic factors that determine your relationship with your dog. This can go along way when your training him. The better your bond with your dog the better the results will be.

Building a bond with your dog.

Before you even start training your dog, you will want to build a strong bond between you and him.

This is a very important step before you start training, It will help you understand his:

  1. Needs
  2. Instincts
  3. Trust

You want your dog to have complete trust in you. This will indeed help your training efforts.

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Bond with your dog training

Bond With Your Dog - Basics of Dog Training - Find Out How To Develop A Bond Between You and Your Dog to Make Training A Lot Easier.

Above all if you want to train your dog and have success you will need to build that bond with your dog.

When you bring your dog home for the first time you will want to start the bonding process. This is the start of developing a loving and caring relationship between you and the dog.

Furthermore gaining his trust and confidence.

When dog feels secure that they fell they have a loving family they tend to respond better to their owners commands.

Dogs are much like humans because they need that trust and respect as you build a relationship.

Always remember it takes time to build a trust and respect. You will gain their respect by setting boundaries.

These boundaries when broken should be handled with firmness, also being fair about the situation.

Without these boundaries and limitations you will never get the respect that you need for the proper training. This also will effect that bond you need between you and the dog.

The 4 Rules to building a relationship:

Spending quality time together is a great way to show your love and companionship with you and your dog.

Experience life together, Take him with you when you go out somewhere where he can go.

Build Mutual respect, You want to get his respect just the same as you giving your respect.

Understanding each other, develop a way to communicate with each other. This will help you both understand each others needs.

Bond With Your Dog - Basics of Dog Training - Find Out How To Develop A Bond Between You and Your Dog to Make Training A Lot Easier.

If you and your dog develop this strong bond, It will make your training much easier. This also helps your dog become calmer and more well-adjusted.

You can believe that after you have developed this bond, you will be able to teach him just about anything with success.

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A Dogs way of Learning

In the Dogs learning period it can be broken up into 5 Phases.

Bond With Your Dog - Basics of Dog Training - Find Out How To Develop A Bond Between You and Your Dog to Make Training A Lot Easier.
  • Teaching Phase – In this phase you will want to show your dog what you want him to do. This requires you to physically demonstrate and show him.
  • Practicing Phase – After your dog has learned something, practice makes perfect. Keep your dog demonstrating the new lesson or trick he learned.
  • Generalizing Phase – Teach your dogs these lessons he has learned in new environments. This can be done by taking him for a walk or going to a park. You want some distractions when doing this lesson. This will help your dog understand his role and his lessons.
  • Testing Phase – After your sure that you have had 90% or more of success in the lessons above than its time to test your dog. You do this by going to a populated place with lots of distractions. Then test him and have him obey your commands. Remember to be patient, there is a good chance that your dog will fail at this but keep trying. Remember the 3 Ps – Patience, Persistence, praise.
  • Internalizing Phase – This phase is where your dog listens to your commands and does what you tell him to do. Also demonstrating what he was taught without the commands.
Training Your Dog

Always remember not to scold a do if he fails.

This could break the trust and the stability of your relationship with your dog.

Also to remember to reward your dog for when he or she does right. Give them some encouragement and love and your efforts will show.

You will have a well minded dog that you can take nearly anywhere with out worries.

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