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war clan - Clash of Clans

I would like to talk a little about my war clan. I have been playing CoC ( Clash Of Clans ) for about 5 yrs. A friend of mine got me to start playing the game, and now i’m addicted. He started a clan called Clanned For War. Me and him have been working on getting this clan together. After taking a few years off from being in war, we have finally started back up. It is a Level 9 clan at the time of this post. We would like you to join Clanned For War because we need active players like you.

The War Clan

war clan - Clash of Clans

Clanned For War is a war clan that doesn’t stop. We are constantly in war at least twice a week. The clan is adult ran but all ages are welcome. Here at this war clan you will be asked to fight in wars all the time. You also can opt. out at anytime. If you are a experienced clan mate This might be the clan to join. Learn new attack strategies, share what you have learned here with us.

Some things that will be asked of you when you join my war clan.

  1. Show Respect !
  2. Be a good clan mate and donate
  3. Be active
  4. Participate in war
  5. Keep cursing to minimal
  6. Listen to Leaders also co-leaders
  7. above all Have fun

Want To Join

If you would like to join Clanned For War and be apart of this upcoming war clan go to clan tag #PJ98U8CQ

Meet The Clan: Clanned For War

  • Toke Alot: Creator also Co-Leader
  • Greezygophergut: Leader
  • Smokinj: Co-Leader

Farming Attack Strategies ( from: Greezygophergut )- Clash Of Clans

At this time I have been using a Miner farming attack strategy. This is a strategy that can help you get the loot out of almost any Clash of Clans base. Mass miner attacks are very powerful and also can get to the core of the base and get you that dark elixir that is so hard to acquire. Use this attack as an example.

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