Dog Gift Box

Dog Gift Box

Show Your pet you love them with a dog gift box. Once a month give your loved one a box full of goodies.

Your Furry friend will never be so happy. Once a month they will get their dog gift box and be so excited. With the toys and treats, Its a party!

Safety First

All the items that are sent out are safety checked by our professionals. We want all our toys, grooming, and also clothing products to be safe for your furry friend. Rest assured, you will be getting high quality products that are most certainly safe.

What Dog Gift Box Should I Order

We have 3 different size boxes you can order. Never fret if you think you ordered the wrong size. Just change your order before the 5th of the month and we will make it right. The sizes we offer are:

Dog Gift Box
  • Small Dog Gift Box – pups who are 20 pounds or less
  • Medium Dog Gift Box – pups who are 20 to 50 pounds
  • large Dog Gift Box – pups who are over 50 pounds

If your four-legged friend is on the border line of our dog gift box. I suggest going a step up. This certainly is a great way to show your pups that you love them.

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A Happy Pup

Dog Gift Box

If your pup isn’t happy with a toy that you received in your Dog Gift Box, we certainly will do our best to make it right. Some dogs have a preference on the toys they play with. That’s why we guarantee our products. Above all we strive to making this experience perfect for you and your loved one.

The Monthly Theme

Each and every month we have a different theme to make it a surprise. Therefore making your pup excited to see whats in the box. Each month’s theme is unique, We pride ourselves on our fun and exciting themes. But if anything is ever not to you or your pup’s liking, we can always work with you to figure out how to make your BarkBox experience perfect! If there is something you want more or less of, we also have a TAILored Program where we are able to customize your dog gift box.


My dogs love getting their treats and toys once a month. Its like a party in a box. I love my pets and I want to also show them I do. Thats why this amazing program is the right one for me and my dogs. jered

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Dog Gift Box

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