Food Delivery Driver

Food Delivery Drivers needed across the US and some cities in Canada.

Delivery drivers needed

There is a great opportunity waiting for you. Across the Us we need delivery drivers to deliver food from restaurants to the customers door. The great thing about this job is that you get to make your own hours.

Delivery drivers needed

If your a stay at home parent and need a part or full time job this might be the job for you. How It works is a customer places an order through our App. Then we send a driver to pick up the order and deliver it. You must have a mobile phone to become apart of the team because this is how we communicate.

You also get to keep all your tips. Customers have the option to tip in cash or to place it on the order with is put on a card that is provided for you. Another great thing about this job is that you do not handle money. So you don’t have to worry about having correct change and so on.

Food Delivery Drivers Needed

My Step-Daughter is involved in this and she loves it. She attends school witch makes this job perfect for her because of the freedom to pick her hours. If she has some time between classes she will make a few deliveries therefore making some extra cash while she waits on her next class to start.

So why not become a delivery driver for this new and upcoming delivery service. Make some extra cash, freedom of picking your hours, what else could you ask for from a company.

You will need to make sure you qualify. Some things you will need is first of all a reliable vehicle, A valid drivers license, Up to date insurance, pass a criminal background check. These are just a few things you will need when signing up to be a delivery driver.


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