Best Games 2018


See What I think the best games are and why. There are hundreds of games to choose from and some are better than others. I use a PS4 because it is user friendly and easy to navigate. So if you would like to see my picks of 2018 Simply follow the link. >>> GO HERE <<<


Like playing mobile games on your phone or tablet. Become apart of a great clan. Meet new people from around the globe. All ages all cultures are welcome. Clanned For War is a war clan based out of the United States. If you are interested don’t hesitate to check us out. Go Here


Clanned for war - Games

Want to learn a powerful attack Strategy for TH 10. This game play will help you get good results no matter if you trophy push or farm in clash of clans. Join Me (Greezy) Here To Learn More

Red Light Of Death Fix

This easy to use Guide will lead you step-by-step On how to fix your PS3. Is the red light of death stopping you from playing your games. Well no need to pay someone to fix it with this do it yourself guide. Fix the red light of death permanently and even more. Read More Here