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TH 10 Attack Strategies

Town Hall 10 Attack Strategy

Greezy here, As a leader of CLANNED FOR WAR, I would like to tell you about the best TH 10 Attack Strategy I have found. First of all I would like to talk about a couple of key troops I use at almost all times. The most important troop I use is of coarse the hero’s. In almost all of my armies you will always find at least 4 Healers. With these Healers sitting right behind your queen she is almost unstoppable. This is called the Queen walk. My advice is to start learning this technique at Town Hall 9.

One of the most important things to learn is how to funnel your troops to where you want them to go. This process will almost guarantee you a nice attack, reaping them of their loot and trophies. Since most basses hold their Dark Elixir with in the center of the base and very well protected, you will need to learn this. So down below i will be showing you some different troop combos to help you GET THAT LOOT!

Mass Miner Attack Strategy 

With a Town Hall 10 Attack Strategy I like to use the Miners. This attack is a very powerful attack strategy. I will be using 29 Miners (lvl 3),4 Healers (lvl 4), 4 wall breakers (lvl l6), 1 Minion (lv l6). My Hero’s are, Queen (lvl 33), and the king (lvl 23). The spells and how they are placed is a very important factor. I will be taking 2 Rage spells (lvl 5), 3 Healing spells (lvl 7), and a Freeze spell (lvl 5). This Th 10 attack strategy cost 356,000 Elixir.

On this first TH 10 attack strategy watch how I start by taking out one side of the base with my hero’s. With the Queen walk, She will take out alot of structures allowing my Miners to go into the base. This is why funneling is very important. If funneling would not have taken place there’s a good chance that the Miners would have went around the base. This most of the time will end bad as your miners take alot of damage before entering the core.


There where somethings on this attack I could have done differently. Such as luring their cc troops out before attacking. There are many ways to get there cc troops out. You will want to do this first when attacking. I will show you a TH 10 attack strategy on how to get their cc troops out and also destroy them. This is very important when fighting in Clan Wars.

Mass Miner Attack

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In this TH 10 Attack Strategy I will be using mostly giants and wizards. This strategy is good for those dead bases (neglected bases) and will probably not earn you three stars. You also will not want to take this to a base that has strong defenses. It furthermore has a cheaper cost and can be a great TH 10 attack strategy to get that loot. This army consist of 18 Giants, 4 Healers, 5 Hog Riders, 6 Wall Breakers, 14 Wizards, and a Archer. The spells will be 3 Heals, 2 Rage, and a Freeze spell.

The cost of this attack was cheaper but also cost some Dark Elixir. This strategy therefore costed 305,250 Elixir and another 450 Dark Elixir. The attack ended up making me 187,414 Elixir and also 2250 in Dark Elixir. This was a 2 star attack that gave me 17 trophies.

As you watch the video, notice that I put some wizards down to follow my giants. Because of this it allowed my wizards to clean up behind them. I also saved a few back to pick apart the base on that outside where there was full collectors. Making me the most possible loot for this attack.

In this TH 10 Attack Strategy you also seen me lure out the cc troops. As a result of this my queen walk was able to take them out resulting in a good attack for loot.


  • Do Not rush your base, So make sure everything is upgraded before moving to a higher TH (Town Hall).
  • Learn to Funnel your main troops
  • Keep plenty of gold to allow you to search for the right base to attack.
  • Find bases that have lots of loot that have been abandoned ( so x-bows and inferno towers empty)
  • Stay in Crystal League, because I have found that there are many bases with loot that have been neglected here.

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