The Wine Glass – Why That Wine Glass

Treat yourself to a glass of wine while you read this post. There are many different shapes and sizes of wine glasses. As it turns out this could make or break your desire for that fine wine. Certain wines take a certain type of wine glass. I know it sounds crazy, but its true.

The Wine Glass To Choose

With so many different shapes of wine glasses I am going to show what wine glass is the best for that certain fine wine. Red And White wine glasses are so much different. So don’t miss out on that unique, full flavor of that wine.

The Wine Glass For Your Reds

Your red wine is made from blackish looking grapes that are grown all around the world. These grapes have their own unique taste, and the region they come from has a big taste affect to them. Nevertheless the wine glass your using might not be bringing out the full flavor of that wine.

The fine red wines you drink are usually moreThe wine glass rich and strong in flavor. The food parities are similar, such as your red meats, pastas, and tomato based dishes and more. They typically serve red wines at just below room temperature. This allowing to get that unique, full flavor.

Red wines are best served in large wine glasses. The bowls of these glasses will be fuller and rounder. Also with a larger opening than other wine glasses of similar capacities. Here’s why, This allows you to dip your nose into the glass to detect the aroma.

The Wine Glass For Your White Wines

White wines are from either “black” (red-colored) or “white” (green-colored) grapes. They are fermented without the skin, and are often combined with citrus and also spicy flavors. They also carry their own unique flavors, and are grown in regions around the world.

The The Wine Glasswhite wines you drink are usually bold in flavor. White wines are great for before or after meals. Going good with your desserts. They are mostly served chilled so that you get the exploding flavors that your reds don’t have. Furthermore your whites seem to be more refreshing than your reds.

White wines are usually served in a much thinner style of glass. These U-Shaped style glasses, allow to maintain a cooler temperature while the aroma’s are being released. So to get the full flavor of your fine white wine, Get the right glass. Furthermore getting the full bold flavor of the favorite wine of your choice.

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