Train Your Dog To Poop Outside (Fast and Easy)

Train Your Dog To Poop Outside (Fast and Easy)

There are some easy methods to train your dog to poop outside. First of all If your puppy usually goes outside and is suddenly having accidents, get them to a Vet. The issue may be a health problem that needs to be addressed right away. Taking your pup to the vet may cure the problem. With that being said lets get into how to train your dog to poop outside.

A Happy Puppy

Train Your Dog To Poop Outside

So there are a few easy methods to achieve this training. If your puppy is well loved he or she will want to make you happy with them. You will want to look for these signs for when your puppy is wanting to use the bathroom. Watch for them to, start sniffing around also as the walk around in a circle. This could be a sign that your pup is looking for the spot to go. Another sign would be them crying or wining for your attention. This is them talking to you that they need to go.

Supervise them. This will ultimately help you train your dog to poop outside. When you are in one room with your puppy and he or she seems to disappear, go check on them. If you see the signs of them wanting to use the bathroom, take them outside until their done with their business. This will indeed show them that the outside is where they are ending up when they need to use the restroom.

Training Your Dog to Poop Outside

Up above is just the easiest way to understand your dogs behavior. With just some supervision your puppy will be on its way to learning to use the restroom outside.

Another tip is if you have a male dog they may be marking. By getting him neutered may be a tremendous help to train your dog to poop outside. This can also be rewarding to your puppy’s health. If you would like to learn more about Neutering and why its healthy Go Here

When Your Puppy Has An Accident

Some people think that rubbing their nose in their urine or poop will discipline them to go outside. This is not a good method to train your dog to poop outside. Because this method will only make your four-legged friend scared of you. Resulting in the dog hiding from you when he or she needs to go.

When you train your dog to poop outside remember they just know not to use the restroom where they sleep. This is where the crate method comes into play.

Crate Puppy Training

This is another method on how to train your dog to poop outside. I personally do not like this method. I feel keeping the dog locked up is not the way of a happy dog. How would you feel about being locked up all the time. Its like jail for dogs. Never the less people use this method and is quit successful with it.

I am not going to go into this method because I disagree on this type of training. Just remember if you cage your dog and in the middle of the night they awake you with their crying its a good chance they need to go. As said before they will not go potty where they sleep unless they absolutely have too.

The Treats

Finding a healthy treat that your four-legged friend likes could be the answer to this problem. Train your dog to poop outside with a treat can be the easiest and most effective way to train them. I personally use this method for a lot of training. Rewarding your puppy, not only shows them that they are doing the right thing, But also gives them something to look forward to.

Keep their tasty, healthy treats close by. I keep mine close by the door that they go out. So when they come back in from using the restroom, they are awaiting that treat that they know they are getting. You can get a monthly subscription to Barkbox. Get treats, doggie clothes and also toys once a month for a low price.

A Feeding Schedule

A feeding schedule for your dog should be something you do at all times. Don’t leave food out for them to eat at all times because they eat then poop. With a routine on feedings you will be able to supervise your dogs habits better and also more effectively. You will more understand your dogs behavior also learning when your dog needs to go. You will discover after feeding time you know that your dog will be wanting to poop after about 20 minutes or so. This will be to your advantage.

Keeping your puppy on a feeding Schedule is also healthy for your dog. Being able to control his or her diet will be rewarding for its health. Do not offer your dog food before the scheduled time of feeding (except treats). The health treats that you reward your dog with should not be a lot. Just a couple little pieces will do.

Cleaning Up

When your dog has an accident inside you will want to clean the accidents thoroughly. This is because if you don’t clean it very well the puppy will usually return to the same spot to go again. Your regular house hold cleaning supplies are probably not good enough. You will want to get something like Nature’s Miracle or Simple Solution

The Closing On How to Train Your Dog To Poop Outside.

I have went threw a couple of ways to train your dog to poop outside. Always remember to be patient with your four-legged friend. If you have tried these methods and your puppy is still having accidents then you may need a more informational handbook on training your puppy. Check out Dog Training Secrets. This system is what many of the professional trainers use. >>>Go Here To Learn More<<<